addi Weaveknitting Needle 310-2

addi Weaveknitting Needle 310-2

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Weaveknitting Needle 310-2

Taking a delight in colored extravagances, in worlds full of new patterns and designs ? Then welcome to weave knitting, to weaving and knitting in a single operation. Owing to the cavity in the special needles, a woolen thread is woven in while knitting. And that's by far less complicated as it sounds. There is no doubt: anyone knowing how to knit will as well be able to succeed in weave knitting!

Stripe, diamond or diagonal patterns are among the fireworks of new possibilities as offered by weave knitting. Owing to the additional weaving threads being carried through the cavity in the needles, three different colors or materials can be worked at the same time. Purl stitches cover the weaving thread more intensily than knit stitches. This multiplies the design combinations as offered by equal or different waving threads.

Weight: ca. 135 Gramm

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